Inteli-Scan reaches one million documents

Who could have foreseen Inteli-Scan holding 1,000,000 documents 15 years ago with the launch of Inteli-Scan on the Web.  In those 15 years we have captured and created the documentation for over 250 sites The exponential growth in document numbers is a reflection of the:

  • requirements statutory and contractual exemplified by Health and Safety Files and L2 Log Books
  • expectations of FM teams and Project teams for more comprehensive and detailed information to support the operation and maintenance of buildings
  • technological advances permitting electronic provision of information
  • undertaking updates of information to ensure the information currency. some sites have several versions of files to reflect the changes made to their building


With that many documents on some sites are you missing out because Inteli-Scan has not been fully invested in:

  • Could you be audited and found to be lacking in Statutory Documentation because they were not in the scope of the Inteli-Scan Build. Full compliance with statutory obligations, copy of Health and Safety File, L2 Log Book.
  • Do you go to Inteli-Scan and find that some of the information you hope to find there was not loaded as a cost saving exercise which decision in hindsight was costly.  Do you have full comprehensive documentation suite including,
    • O&M
    • Drawings
    • Test Data
    • Manufacturers Information
    • All Project and Tenant information
  • Do you only have hard copy of Test and Certification as wet signatures were required or static rather than editable drawing files?  Should these now be captured electronically to permit centralised information retrieval and drawing updates.
  • Do you review information on Inteli-Scan and question if it is out of date, should Inteli-Scan have been updated for small works and projects.


If your answer to any of these questions is Yes we suggest you contact Inteli-Scan Help Desk Team to find out how your answer could be changed


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